1.1 Why are some sizes of an article not displayed?

  • Only the sizes which are actually available are displayed. The sizes which are not displayed are currently sold out.

1.2 Buying articles suitable / size charts

  • You find the size charts for each article in the detail view. Please check which sizes you need before you order. So you avoid an exchange.

2. Order transaction

2.1 Putting products in the shopping basket

  • You have to put an article in the shopping basket before you can order it.
  • When you like a product and think about ordering it, you can put it in the shopping basket with the detail view or the quick buy function. For this choose the desired size and click at “put into the shopping basket”.
  • The article ends up in your chopping basket and you’ll get a list with all articles which you have already put inside it.
  • But with that you haven’t bought the articles yet. You can remove the articles from the shopping basket anytime. With a click at “continue shopping” you return to the article selection.

2.2 The shopping basket

  • In the shopping basket you find all articles which you put inside it.
  • With a click at the “delete” button you can remove articles anytime.
  • You can change the desired amount of every product with the “number” field.
  • At the top on the right side is always shown the status of the shopping basket. That is the number and the subtotal of the contained products. With a click at the shopping basket lettering you come to the shopping basket.

2.3 Go to the pay desk

  • When you like your compilation, you go on at the order transaction with a click at “to the pay desk”. Thereupon you are guided through the ordering process step by step.
  • The status display at the top of the page shows where you are at the ordering process.

2.4 Registration

  • If you already have an account in our shop, you only have to enter your e-mail address because your information is already deposited.
  • If this is your first order at boxxers.de, please click at “open an account” or “Shopping without an account”.
  • To set up an account doesn’t take much time. There are many reasons why you should set up an account, but of course you also can order without an account.

2.5 Enter information

  • Address: If you are already logged in the address form should already be filled out. If not, please complete it. Arrays with stars are mandatory fields with information which we need for the order processing. All the other information is optional.
  • Payment methods: At the moment the following payment methods are available: cash on delivery, credit card, PayPal, direct ebanking and prepayment. But payment by cash on delivery is only possible when the delivery address is in Germany.
  • “Delivery charge”: The delivery charge only falls due at payment on delivery and is charged by the shipping service provider. It generally is 2 Euros. This amount doesn’t appear in our bill because it’s charged and brought in by the shipping service provider.

2.6 Complete your order

  • At the last page at the overview of the order everything is listed again and you can make last changes at your entered information.
  • Please scrutinize if everything is right and finish your order with the “finish order” button. Shortly after that you’ll get an ordering confirmation by e-mail.

3. Shipping and delivery times

3.1 Shipping costs

Shipping to Shipping Charges Free Shipping from
Germany 3,90 € 30,00 €
Austria 6,90 € 75,00 €
Switzerland 11,90 € 180,00 €
Remaining EU 9,90 € 180,00 €

3.2 Delivery time

  • Orders that are placed before 1 p.m. will be handed over to DHL on the same working day. The delivery by DHL takes 1-2 days within Germany.

3.3 Delivery to packstations

  • A delivery to a packstation is no problem thanks to the help of our logistic partner DHL.

4. My account

4.1 Why set up an account?

You can place an order at us with or without an account. But when you set up an account, you’ll get many advantages:

  • Your customer data will be saved so that you don’t have to enter them at future orders.
  • You can always see the status of your executed orders.
  • You can change your customer data and personal information anytime.

4.2 Set up of an account

  • You can set up an account by clicking at “My account” and then following the instructions on the screen. When you want to place an order you will be asked to log in or to set up an account on your way to the pay desk. An order without an account is of course also possible.

4.3 Change of the personal information

  • You have the possibility to change or delete your customer data anytime.

4.4 Forgot your password

  • When you forgot your password, simply click at the corresponding link on the “My account” page and you’ll immediately get a new password by e-mail.

4.5 Newsletter

  • With our newsletter you are always up to date concerning new designs, offers and special offers as well as new brands in our product range.

5. Coupons

5.1 How can I redeem coupons?

  • If you have a coupon code you can enter it in the shopping basket and so you can redeem the coupon. The value of the coupon will automatically be credited at your next order. You can redeem only one coupon per order.

5.2 What happens with excess credit balance?

  • There is left over excess value if the value of your coupon exceeds the value of the order. This credit balance will be charged with your next order. For this reason there has not to exist, respectively to be set up an account in this case.

6. Returning the order

6.1 How do I exchange my order?

To return your order, please proceed as follows:

  • When you have set up an account, you can see your order in the customer area and print a DHL address label at the “return shipment” point. With this label you can send back the bought article to us at no charge. But that is only possible within Germany. At return shipments from foreign countries you pay the shipping costs.
  • If you don’t have set up an account, please write us an e-mail at retouren@boxxers.de and you immediately get an e-mail with an address label for the return shipment at no charge for printing.

To exchange your order, we recommend the following way:

  • Send your order back to us as it is described at “return shipments”.
  • Place a new order in our online shop, choose “cash in advance” as payment method and enter the order number of the order which you want to exchange in the message field.
  • Then the articles are reserved for you and your new order will be sent as soon as the exchange arrives at us. The invoice amounts will be charged and remaining amounts will be invoiced if necessary.